navigation system, audio and all climate system controls except temperature In addition, all three EX-L models are available in a separate trim with the optional Honda satellite-linked navigation system. Radiator, cooling fan, antifreeze leaks, water pump, thermostat, overheating. Told system was inspected and reliable", "By the time you notice pads need replacing, the rotors are too worn to be resurfaced", "Both front rotors wore down and went out of round. Squeaks, rattles, wind noises, loose or cracked seals and/or weather-stripping, air and water leaks. Tires were severely damaged in just a few weeks. I did not bother to get it repaired since my car is almost ten years old", "Radio (clock) had a short circuit that drained the battery. ", "Was difficult to shift. But when equipped with a V6 engine and six-speed manual transmission, the Accord actually becomes fun to … SAFETY: All Honda Accords have dual-stage front airbags, front Gap between driveway exit and street more than a couple of inches? I was unable to shift the car. ", "Warning by serve mechanics about worn brake pads", "gets squeaky sounding even if the brakes are ok", "Seems like we are constantly replacing brake pads", "The rear brakes had rusty rotors and components were very rusty. The ride is nicely firm and handling is nimble. Compare 2007 Honda Accord Sdn Sedan 4D SE expert reviews | NADAguides. A dry facts-only review of the 2007 Honda Accord. hose was replaced to stop leak but squealing remains", "The power steering pump makes loud whirring noises, especially when it's cold. The worst is the Plastic on the sides of the car - they are cheap and have cracked and broken - I have huge pieces of the plastic missing - WAY TOO EXPENSIVE To bother fixing. Viewed as "normal wear for mileage"", "All four struts need to be replaced and one of them has leaked out all of its oil", "Rear shocks/struts/springs leak fluid after twelve years. I think Honda has the best a/c of any car. sudden broken axle. $600 repair to have them replaced. $600 to replace the part and labor was excessive due to the location of the part", "Was blowing hot air at times and had to replace the blower", "Intermittent problems with blower moter not working, until I finally had it replaced", "The fan was replaced and is working now. Front brakes always emit grinding noise but when inspected no problems found", "Had to replace back rotors after experiencing squealing while braking & while rolling", "Original Brakes pulsate in high speed stop. You will get digital access to reviews and ratings for over 8,500 products and services wheels and low-profile, 50-series tires last year, V6 Accords got firmer Original starter, nearly 12 years old and 88000 miles on it. I had to pull it off because it was hanging down on the ground. Step 1: Rate and review this vehicle Overall rating. It works well, combining a AC charge was good. The following titles and media identifications are trademarks If not quite a "sports sedan" by the CONCLUSIONS: The Honda Accord EX V6 6-Speed combines the When I took my Honda to the dealership they were very", "Sudden onset constant screeching/squeaking - mechanic indicated need for new rear rotors", "Part failure in rear suspension causing squeaks on road bumps. Since they were done once before and the rotors turned, I needed new rotors this time as well as pads. The last battery replaced was about to burst. It required removing entire front end of car 20+ bolts/clips, it took 3+ hours to complete this task. I was able to drive to a Honda dealer for repairs and replacement. ", "The rear shock on the passenger side developed a ruptured bladder causing the shock to leak fluid and fail. to rev, as can be seen from the 5000-rpm torque peak, where 211 lb-ft are Start ed after several attempts. Sometimes the oil pressure light comes on, but it always goes off after restarting the car. Privacy Statement We analyze hundreds of thousands of used cars daily. Then the clutch did not work at all so I brought it to another mechanic who changed the clutch and fixed the electronic locks. most more expensive sports sedans, the Accord V6 feeds on regular unleaded My wife does not drive in a way to cause that", "Routine wear and tear; clutch had never been replaced/adjusted", "The clutch was slipping out of gear or having trouble shifting gears from one to the other", "The release bearing was impacted by dust and the clutch and pressure plate didn't need to be replaced. "Does not keep charging; constantly have to move the charger around in it for the charge to hold", "Internal electr(on)ic system seemed to all fail at once, at about 48,000 miles. Instead, it puts forth a level of heat that relates to the indication on the display", "the driver side a/c gives heat occasionally. N/A indicates that we did not receive a large enough sample size to provide data for a specific year. ", "Windows rattle tremendously. Honda is aware but has not been able to resolve", "I have experienced rattles in the dashboard and glove box", "Driver's side seat: intermittently makes an annoying meow-like sound when shifting in seat - happens more often in warm weather", "Squeak emanating from the passenger side interior", "Intermittent rattles that I can't locate. And that did not happen with my car. 50000 miles at the time", "With only 67,000 miles on the car, I am extremely upset that the transmission needs to be replaced. Place copy in body of email, NO attachments please. ", "Ball bearings were shot. upon with force. Wife just turns up the volume on the radio. ", "When A/C is on, colder air blows out of passenger side while warmer air blows on drivers side", "Blows hot air when you turn on air conditioning. I have power locks and there was no way to manually unlock and lock the door. See cd comments", "Poor sound system, throughout. Steering became very hard. EPA fuel economy is 21mpg city, 30 highway, and with Because of the low mileage, I feel that this was premature wear", "brakes don't give decent milage and rotors warp", "rear brakes needed replacement long before front brakes - front brakes are only 60% worn now", "It was hard to differentiate between simple brake wear and the caliper issues, which caused uneven and rapid wear. frugal on fuel, and a good value, all very logical attributes. Couldn't be diagnosed until complete failure. Would not shift down to lower RPM when speed remained consistent. ", "By the time, the brakes started squeaking. Learn what owners have to say and get authentic consumer feedback before buying your next car. sucks. Send your questions, comments, and suggestions to Design makes it susceptible to puncture. I was within the 12 month warranty period at the time", "Front & back rotors rusted and pitted and had to be replaced", "Regular wear items: pads and rotors were replaced for both front and rear", "Faulty service center inspection almost caused my rear brake shoes to fall off. Dealer inspected car, found broken left motor mount and replaced it. Fortunately I live in southern California so I haven't bothered to fix it. Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid? Like it gets pulled backward ( 30 or plus m.p.h. ", "My auto technician recommended upgraded rotor and pads and they improved the brakes and the rotors should not have to be replaced for a third time. pia", "I have yet to replace the starter since it is not my daily driver. produced. It costed over $200 to repair and is faulty on all 2007 Honda Accords according to Hoffman Honda a dealer", "Aluminum heat shield bolted to steel underbody with steel bolts. They chew the wiring and the pump does not supply water to the windshield. Many vehicles no longer have them will not purchase another vehicle with", "Belt changed as a result of the discovery of a leaking hydraulic idler pulley and secondarily according to mfg. Car had <65,000 miles at the time of repair", "Needed to be replaced after 127500 miles. I had to open (the power window) and put my arm out the window to open the door from the outside or climb to the front passenger bucket seat for a few weeks until I was able to get this fixed. Didn't think this should be an issue at the age of the car", "After keeping the car tuned and serviced on a regular basis, I feel the a/c compressor should not have failed with the low mileage and care. said the rotors needed to be ground to make them even in order to bring about smooth contact with the brake pads thus giving a smooth braking power. Accelerates fast (for what I use it for) and is always reliable. Introduction. ", "Had to have the gaskets and seals replaced on the oil pump at a cost of approximately $1,200. sidewalls, and an incremental improvement in suspension control. Both mechanics agreed this was an internal engine problem and was not due to lack of maintenance", "Was told engine could not be fixed. And, for the emotional side, for people to whom driving is a sedan. Appointment for this problem has been scheduled for this coming week. They could do better in this area", "Clutch pedal broke; currently, it squeaks", "Catalytic converter shield rusted and rattled at <2000 RPM", "An engine rattle, not fixed after two service visits to dealer", "Switched to premium gasoline from regular to fix the issue", "One of the clips that held the engine was broken and the engine rattled in its place", "The exhaust plates in the engine compartment became loose. Search over 1,700 listings to find the best local deals. All good now. ", "Just not working. and the 6-speed model's ``carbon fiber-look'' trim around the window lifts An update of the 2003-2005 model, the 2006-2007 Accord combines sportiness and all-around capability. "For the last two years in the spring I had to have the AC recharged and relay needed to be replaced", "was not cooling well. What actually caused the problem was a broken clutch pedal bracket. Shift action is quick and smooth, adding enjoyment. During repair dealer shop damage O2 sensor. So I didn't have it repaired as it is a minor issue", "The dome lights by the interior rear view mirror one stopped working when the door is opened. This is the second time we've replaced the rear rotors and first time for the front ones", "The Rotors wear away too fast - which also includes the pads and calipers get stuck", "My mech. Pulsation soon returned", "Rusted and locked in place. upholstery, and navigation system (which, technically, with either Had to get help from AAA and go to the nearest open shop. The rear seat space is ridiculously spacious, particularly leg room and the boot is massive. Every time one item was fixed another code came up", "the vtec oil pressure switch was replaced because of a check engine light", "My catalytic coverter failed. The Good Honda's steady updates to the Accord yield handsome looks, excellent handling and up-to-date technology offerings. Estimate for labor to remove the dashboard to gain ac", "Heater remains on all the time unless you reduce the climate control all the way down to LOW", "Hot air blows out the passenger side, and cold air blows out the drivers side. Cost was only 20.00", "Rear window deck make a loud rattling noise on any rough surface. that is missing from most popular mid-size sedans. They go from OK to dangerous, noisy, and metal on metal very fast. Added padding and new support screws to lessen the noise. Engine rebuild or replacement, cylinder head, head gasket, turbo or supercharger, timing chain or timing belt. The front seats are comfortable and the interior is well finished. I have had a few areas repainted before due to the same thing", "The black paint has faded, cracked, and peeled from the hood, roof, trunk, and doors. The V6 Honda Accord has always been about its silky smooth V6 engine. This car is in immaculate condition, has always been garage kept, waxed and polished. automatic won't do. Had car towed to dealership. My brakes were in very bad shape. I simply went to a Honda dealership and it was repaired. suspension bushings and shock damping rates. 2007 Honda Accord EX V6 6-Speed Review While after a significant restyle for 2006 there are no real changes to the Honda Accord for 2007, and … Repairs took two days. The dealer told me "what do you expect in Florida". So far, I have had $430 of them performed. I expected that this could happen", "Before this Honda I had 2 Toyota Camrys that went over 300000km with only one change of rotors. My wife's 2002 Subaru Outback's headliner is perfect. 2007 Honda Accord uses 26 miles/gallon of gasoline in the city. Radio won't get many stations and speakers are poor, especially the rear ones", "Quit working. I had to have the car painted", "rear left quarter panel had an area of fading paint possible due to a repair prior to us buying the car. in the class for good reasons. ", "Infrequently, the car didn't start when turning the key. The 2007 in Moroccan Red Pearl and 2006 in Redondo Red Pearl weren’t very popular new and are even less popular used. by Sleigh Girl from Denver, CO on Tue Feb 22 2011 Bought my Accord LX Coupe, 4-cylinder, 5-speed, 3 months ago with 25K on it. huge, with a locking ski pass though. ", "Had to replace all exhaust between engine and catalytic converter", "Nuts & bolts for clamp at converter rusted causing leak. I wiggle the dial to the lowest setting and it seems to work An intermittent problem. Reliability. It does not maintain cabin temperature at the indicated temperature, or at any fixed temperature for that matter. Dealer tried many things but told us it would require a tear-down to pin point. ", "A/C blows cool on one side and hot on the other", "The system stayed at maximum heating level on the driver's side regardless of adjusting the controls. Went to dealer and replaced the part", "Have to jiggle the key in the lock numerous times in order to trigger the auto-unlock of other doors. Altho there is still a little vibration at higher speeds when I brake, it seems to be much better. The can tell you exactly how much warranty is left. Was very surprised for a Honda and it should not have happened", "Because of wear these parts need replacing", "OEM Ball joints installed by a Honda dealership started to show free play and look worn, within 11 months. Alternators are suppose to be reliable. Replaced both left & right front struts", "Rear suspension poor. The cost was only $65, but the problem went unrepaired for months because of the intermittent nature of the failure", "Heater core leak with only 89000 miles on car", "Blower box door foam strips deteriorated preventing a proper seal to exhaust hot air to the floor of the interior. FAQs or access your Problem: sensor motor", "When driver side and passenger side temperatures were set at the same number, hot air would blow out of one side and cold air out of the other. the dealer removed it and sent it to its original manufacturer to be repaired. An update of the 2003-2005 model, the 2006-2007 Accord combines sportiness and all-around capability. but they do result in improved steering response, from the shorter tire Interior. (253 hp). The automatic is more likely to shift at lower Our expert judgment of how well the suspension isolates and absorbs road imperfections and how steady it keeps the body on various road surfaces. ", "rear roof to trunk deck paint is fading badly on one side", "Paint is fainted and chipped. Get caught in a strong crosswind? I hope that it is just the 02 censors", "converter went bad at less than 80000 miles was replaced without charge by dealer. gasoline, not premium. Replacement was required. Editor’s note: You may want to read the 2011 Honda Accord used car review or the updated 2019 Honda Accord review.The Honda Accord was named to Autotrader’s 12 Must Test Drive Vehicles in 2018.. I had to get a new starter. Bright, back-lit instruments are easy to see in all light, and heated, Doesn't impact anything and is more of an annoyance. Must be a bad connection", "I don't think I've ever had back-up lights that work", "Brake lights, turn signal lights, head lights, interior lights. Metal on metal", "I purchased cheap after market rotors at a local repair shop, which haven't held up. Have o turn it off/on. I replaced the sound system with aftermarket. ", "Right axle broke on highway rendering car not driveable", "The right drive axle broke. An expert evaluation of the interior quality and craftsmanship. The gears are plastic and on two occasions I had to have it repaired at a cost of 150$ each time. I have not yet tracked it down", "Compressor was bad and had to be replaced. I've had mine turned and just recently replaced due to excessive wear. This caused the running lights to be on high when the lights were on (intermittently). Likely will have to replace everything from the ex manifold back when any of the rest of the sy", "Heat shield became loose and was dragging on the pavement making a strange noise. We understand that this is not uncommon for Accords the age of our car", "ps fluid leaking from ends of rack and pinion assembly. The manager called my husband a liar and told him to get out and never come back.This was the honda dealer in Orillia,", "The radio ceases working . Needed replacement", "Car occasionally would not start. Boi Q., CA (2007 Honda Accord EX 3.0-L V6) "The "climate control" on the 2007 Accord is a fake. I'm too cheap to have it fixed again, but driving without music for a majority of the year is the most irritating factor to live with. Replaced rotors and pads", "Factory rotors warp quickly causing steering vibration. Replaced the starter. This is the third Honda Accord I've owned, ('95 EX Sedan I4 5MT (Sold), '01 EX-L Coupe I4 5MT (current commuter)) and the first V6. number (VIN), and the warranty will be valid regardless of ownership. Replaced power steering reservoir, related parts and fluid", "A power steering hose developed a crack", "Leaks and noise when the weather was cold", "Bascially noise related to power steering. The rotors have to be turned every 10-15 thousand miles due to annoying vibration. I finally got online and read about it in car chat rooms. This is the second starter that I had to install", "Starter went bad before I think it should have", "the battery and cables were destroyed, along with the starter and all had to be replaced. turn off & on works for 5 minuets then does something. Rack and pinion assembly and steering gear were replaced. The front suspension is a little", "I had to replace the rear struts. They cater to financially responsible enthusiasts who want their reliability served with a supersized side of hoon and a la carte cog-swapping. ", "Alarm came on randomly when car is parked. )", "Had to replace rear struts - vehicle only has 50,000 miles", "Issue was with struts - normal wear & tear", "rear struts were worn out. It is used, so I would expect more problems, but so far it's been fine. An issue of ongoing maintenance. ", "Starter stopped working completely. An X indicates that the vehicle was not manufactured for a specific year. Not a surprise but still costly. Save $5,229 on a 2007 Honda Accord EX-L V6 near you. I considered the replacement of rotted parts wear and tear, and not necessarily flaws.". turned out chain is not synchronized", "Timing chain failure resulting from engine burning oil. The dealership This package comes with 17" alloy wheels and is the cheapest way into a new V6 Accord. then I hear a pop 7 it will start working . Based on this data and further analysis, we predict reliability for the latest year. Timing belts are outdated technology. pleasurable activity, not merely a chore, the Accord is the only major Characterized by noise and roughness and sudden brake wear", "Had to replace caliper on driver side twice", "Calipers on rear brakes stopped working resulting in excessive wear on front breaks and warping of the front rotors. The owner comments describe problems respondents experienced with this vehicle. to separate LED taillights mounted at the rear edge of the trunk - which In no way Hate to think of it spending a few harsh years somewhere else", "patches of clear coat degradation along rear edge of roof line", "Front hood peeling rusting paint. Electronic stability control became standard on V6-equipped versions. I took the car back when squealing noise grew frighteningly loud and shoes and rotors were replaced", "The car is prone to warp its rotors. to help you make better choices for life’s big moments and the everyday ones in between. Our expert judgment of the vehicle's interior noise level in everyday driving. N/A indicates that we did not receive a large enough sample size to provide data for a specific year. are four-wheel discs. He suspected timing belt and tensioner issue. The transmission was also a problem and needed to be replaced at 50000 miles which I thought was a bit premature. ", "Lower control arm on one side was rusted/deteriorated to the point of almost failure. The braking rating is a composite of wet and dry stopping distances and pedal feel. The reliability charts are based on responses on hundreds of thousands of vehicles from our latest Annual Auto Survey. This along with the horn problem and the actuators problems have been mentioned in complaints on the internet", "When you open the door on the car a light should go on when its dark out but that light does not operate correctly", "The 2 lights above the front window stopped working.The bulbs were OK", "Passenger courtesy light intermittently will not come on", "Overhead lights burned out. AAA/Chicago Motor Club was able to get it to work once, so that it could be driven to a repair facility". After the release bearing, clutch and pressure plates where replaced, the engagement/disengagement problem persisted. overly-assisted steering, supple suspension, and manual transmission, the Rotor was hot and replaced both rear rotors", "Replaced rotors as normal maintenance, after about 8-9 months I started getting a vibration while braking. Noise then went away", "Driver side front strut was leaking. Car has been used in northeast Ohio where salt and road chemicals are used in winter. Also had a recall on the air bag driver side. Evidently a problem with many new autos", "Routine alignment check showed rear wheel misalignment. Requires about 1.5 hours labour by a skilled mechanic", "Drive belts replaced, starter replaced, crank seal replaced. I've gone to a bodyshop and had the doors adjusted to stop the leak", "Air leaks noticeable around both doors at 35 mph.The Honda dealer corrected similar passenger side air leak at 12000 miles. Solution was to pump the brakes instead of holding them down. ", "A mechanic said I need to replace struts and shocks to correct pulling to the right. side airbags with a passenger-side occupant detection system, side curtain ", "Because of the location of the compressor, I have had to replace it TWICE in 5 years. Dealer unresponsive", "This is a known issue with this car. If the heat has to come on in the morning due to chill, if the afternoon is hot the heat will still be on and have to turn the temp all the way down for it to switch to turning the A/c on. New replacement radio - $700+ Used Radio $500+ we went with the used. Dealer would not replace under warranty. (Technician tested, and speakers work. But reading many online car chat rooms, I learned that Honda was putting cheap brake pads on that were actually melting onto the rotor. Not sure what happened but I was very surprised this occurred. Did research online. ", "I had an axtended warantee that expired in Dec 2014. Get the real truth from owners like you. The Reliability score is based on our latest subscriber survey Acceleration tests are conducted on a smooth, flat pavement straightaway at the track. Crash-test results are very good. I use a piece of black gaffers tape to keep the button depressed. It has a comfortable SEDAN 4-DR body style. PERFORMANCE: Although Honda's VTEC variable valve timing system ", "Annual problems with AC refrigerant leaks. Seems to be a common problem", "Had to have brakes replaced 4 times since I bought the car", "Break pads don't seem to last more than 25,000-30,000 miles. Proven ", "Sounded like normal caliber replacement. We had the car towed to our mechanic and he replaced the clutch", "Car would not start. The 2007 Honda Accord represents a very practical and unassuming car. Unfortunately as the lights in the model are part of garage opener/other electronic system, they can't be repaired by themselves. New for 2007 is the Special Edition V6 sedan, which was formerly only available with the 2.4L engine. ", "The front and rear struts/shocks had to be replaced, along with the rear tires due to premature tire wear", "All four of the struts have failed and need to be replaced", "Shocks and struts were original so they were more than due for replacement. technology by this point, the Accord is Honda's most popular model in the Then it happened again. I have not had the repairs done yet due to the high cost. practicality of a midsize family sedan with sporty verve, SPECIFICATIONS Found on my own, repaired on my own. The entire piece has to be replaced and the part alone was almost $400, plus labor. Unfortunately the leak was behind the plastic/curtain airbags and was difficult to identify. We will continues to live with it unless it gets more serious or throws a rod or something. ABS available, standard from 2003. All V6 models have standard Vehicle Stability Assist. 5) in 2007, the model with 4-door sedan body and V-6 2997 cm3 / 183.6 cui, 162 kW / 220 PS / 217 hp (SAE net) engine offered up to mid-year 2007 fro Asia .
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