Every day the strange, friendly visitor would stop to play with her Great Pyrenees, Ruth Bader. The enemy of your enemy is your friend. 7/25/19 3:52pm. They generally don't get into a foot race with a coyote. If you have two Pyrenees (highly recommended for this much acreage) they will work as a team and then there will be more coyotes eliminated. We had two at a time and they set themselves up one on each side facing out ward. Tubby is the male Great Pyrenees, the livestock guard dog that alerts the Siehs if coyotes, possums, hawks or owls come near the farm. It is like they knew instinctively what their job was. 4. Animal aggression. 7/25/19 11:19pm. We lived in the hills, lots of open space. The coyotes disappeared into the brush, and Sade pounded in after them, now very close on their tails. Nope, it was a coyote. We have a couple of Great Pyrenees and we find coyote carcasses every once in a. Submariner. (CNN) — Every day for a week, the strange, happy visitor would drop to play with her Great Pyrenees. I have them and they have stopped the coyote and stray dog problem here. If you have a coyote problem, the best deterrent is a Great Pyrenees Guard Dog. Santos L. Halper. Their bark and presence will keep the coyotes at bay. Young Great Pyrenees (up to about three years old) romp and jump with great vigor, and things can go flying, including people. Great Pyrenees vs Coyotes vs 'Game Warden' Here's the place for oldies but goodies -- topics that have not been active for a while but that contain excellent information that … She thought Ruth Bader, the dog, had made a new dog companion. To keep your Great Pyrenees in, and to keep other animals out, fences should be high (five feet), with wire sunk into the ground along the fence line to thwart digging. A pyr is a great dog only if you don't make it a pet. The first was a 60 lb Labrador Retriever in San Diego, CA. Great Pyrenees can be quite fast - but they are also smart. Nope, it was a coyote. UNLVcougar. I have witnessed two Coyote attacks on dogs, both were my pets. You will have to have good fences, which you will need to keep goats in anyway. Here is some of my experience with both. Combining this loyal and loveable nature with different dog … Silence, and then an insane prolonged coyote din. The Great Pyrenees is well known for his protector status and will guard you, your kids, your other pets, your house, your furniture, and even your imaginary friends with unwavering devotion! 7/25/19 10:43pm. Their bark alone will intimidate any coyote or dog within three miles. Pyrenees are the real deal - one of the few dogs who will own a coyote. You just have to be careful not to make pets out of them. She thought Ruth had made a new best dog friend. And it was on the lam. I once spotted Sadie, our first Great Pyrenees, about a quarter mile off in the half light of early morning in the cow pasture running down several coyotes. My Lab was basically baited into the hill behind my house.
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