B. Aluminium . Standards are specifications for cable insulation and coverings are developed and set forth in the publications of ASTM, Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL), and Insulated Cable Engineers Association (ICEA), and oth- ers. 120°C c. 130°C d. 155°C. The commonly used material for shielding or screening magnetism is (a) copper (b) aluminium (c) soft iron (d) brass . The commonly used material for shielding or screening magnetism is_____? Answered By . In most cases, high-density materials are more effective than low-density alternatives for blocking or reducing the intensity of radiation. B. C Programs . Ans: c. 17. asked Mar 29, 2018 by anonymous. 18. The commonly used material for shielding is_____? PLEASE COMMENT BELOW WITH CORRECT ANSWER AND ITS DETAIL EXPLANATION. b) Lead and tin. A. lead or concrete B. lead and tin ... E. black carbon papers. The commonly used material for shielding is (a) lead or concrete (b) lead and tin (c) graphite or cadmium (d) thick galvanized sheets (e) black carbon papers. answr. Steam Condenser - Steam Condenser objective type questions and answers. toppr. What is the main drawback of using paper as the insulating material? Slightly less than unity . In some cases where saturation is an issue, multiple layers of material are used. Answer Explanation ANSWER: 155°C. 186. Design the size of solid steel to be used for 500 Hp, 250 rpm application if the allowable torsional deflection is 1° and the allowable stress is 10,000 psi and modulus of rigidity is 13 X 106 Psi. IF YOU THINK THAT ABOVE POSTED MCQ IS WRONG. Is hygroscopic . Ans: a. The commonly used material for shielding is a) Lead or concrete b) Lead and tin c) Graphite or cadmium d) Thick galvanized sheets 1. Q19. Once it gets below a critical thickness, the material … IF YOU THINK THAT ABOVE POSTED MCQ IS WRONG. Magnetic materials must be used for EM shielding in environments where the magnetic fields are slowly varied below the 100Khz range as a Faraday cage-type solution is ineffective in that situation. Radiation shieldingis based on the principle of attenuation, which is the ability to reduce a wave’s or ray’s effect by blocking or bouncing particles through a barrier material. 18. The commonly used material for shielding is _____. (A) Boron (B) Gallium (C) Indium (D) All of the above Q2.In “p” type material, minority carriers would be: (A) Slower (B) Dopants (C) Holes (D) Electrons Q3. Arc welding is a welding process that is used to join metal to metal by using electricity to create enough heat to melt metal, and the melted metals when cool result in a binding of the metals. Expert Answer . Upvote(4) How satisfied are you with the answer? SEMICONDUCTOR BASED MCQ Q1.Which of the following elements is most frequently used for doping pure Ge or Si? Common sheet metals for shielding include copper, brass, nickel, silver, steel, and tin. As mu-metal is extremely … Has poor dielectric strength. Intrinsic semiconductor material is characterized by a valence […] 4 5/8” dia. 18. The commonly used material for shielding or screening magnetism is (a) copper (b) aluminium (c) soft iron (d) brass . a unity gain non inverting amplifier. Q8.The following material is commonly used for making locating and clamping devices a) High carbon steel b) Low carbon steel c) High speed steel d) Die steel. a. an inverting amplifier with a gain of 10. an inverting amplifier with a gain of 100. This will help us to improve better. Your email address will not be published. View Answer Discuss. Semiconductors are neither conductors nor insulators. It is having comparatively high resistance. In the case of the MIG and metal core processes, it also identifies shielding gases depending on which mode of metal transfer is being used. In this page you can learn various important magnetism and electromagnetism multiple choice questions answers, magnetism and electromagnetism mcq , short questions and answers on magnetism and electromagnetism , sloved magnetism and electromagnetism objective questions answers etc. Expert Answer . The most effective shielding material available is mu-metal — an alloy of 77% nickel, 16% iron, 5% copper, and 2% chromium — which is then annealed in a hydrogen atmosphere to increase its permeability. D. 4 ¾” dia. Correct Answer. Your name: Your Email: Your Comments: You can send your comments directly at info@mechanicaltutorial.com. 3) A 1 ms pulse can be stretched to 1 s pulse by using. (d) shells of high permeability materials can be used to divert lines of B from the interior region. This will help us to improve better. Footnoted are common alternative gases. Let the magnetic field on earth be modelled by that of a point magnetic dipole at the centre of earth. The main interest of shielding in nuclear reactor is protection against. Is hygroscopic b. Shielding serves to prevent electrical noise from affecting the transmitted signal, and to reduce electromagnetic radiation emission from the cable itself. A spring material should have low_____? 2) The most commonly used amplifier in sample and hold circuit is. Your answer. © Copyright 2016-2020 - www.PakMcqs.com/. Radiation shielding garments are commonly used to protect medical patients and workers from direct and secondary radiation during diagnostic imaging in hospitals, clinics and dental offices³. Uses for RF Shielding. 3.6 mm. B. lead and tin. Lead shielding, often used in a variety of applications including diagnostic imaging, radiation therapy, nuclear and industrial shielding. Historically, radiation shielding materials have been manufactured from lead (Pb). The most common uses of RF Shielding in the medical industry is for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Q4. Previous question Next question Transcribed Image Text from this Question. An isolated silicon atom has … B. lead and tin. The most commonly used EMF shields are sheets of metals formed into gaskets, wire mesh, metal foams, and screens. C - Arrays and Pointers. It has 14 protons and 14 electrons in orbits. a) X-rays. D. Brass View Answer. Dec 24,2020 - Test: NMOS & CMOS Fabrication | 20 Questions MCQ Test has questions of Electrical Engineering (EE) preparation. 0 votes . Q18. IF YOU THINK THAT ABOVE POSTED MCQ IS WRONG. b) Infra-red rays. MCQ Building Materials Edit Practice Test: Question Set - 01.
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