To open the conversion tool window, double-click Layer To KML for an individual shapefile, or double-click Map To KML for compressed KML files. Zonums Software has just released several Google Maps mapplets; click on a link to add it to your Google Maps MyMaps applets list:. Geographic Information Systems Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for cartographers, geographers and GIS professionals. Do peer reviewers generally care about alphabetical order of variables in a paper? Converter, Pseudo-Mercator, Spherical Mercator, Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Bing, OSGB 1936 / British National Grid - United Kingdom Ordnance Survey, ... and 3 000+ other coordinate reference systems. Solved: Can kml/kmz files be converted to something that Civil 3d can use? Although this is the inverse operation, the majority of the answers to the question @iant linked to work both ways. Note 1: See this series of posts for info on converting shapefiles to KML format.. While those are still being fixed, Zonums has released an online KML to shapefile converter: Select the KML/KMZ file you want to convert, or paste the KML text into the box at the bottom. I am late to the party but here are a few extra ways: Google Fusion Tables, it can convert KML points information to WGS84 X and Y in a .csv format, which you can then use in your preferred GIS analysis software. here is an post to convert kml to shp using command line tool ogr2ogr or using php code. If the coordinate system of your input data is not present or not recognized correctly, it is posible to assign … Your charges allows us to cover costs associated with the servers operation and to improve our service. Main List. Or open up each of those file types from the Add New Layer menu, be sure to change the file type in the dialog box. In a declarative statement, why would you put a subject pronoun at the end of a sentence or verb phrase? The driver type kml is chosen, and the file is searched (it can be kml or kmz). Suggestions for a good run command review console. A couple of syntax points worth noting when using ogr2ogr (save yourselves hours of frustration): You don't always want UTM Zone 15N NAD83, you want the proper zone for the data. Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) is the company that produces the popular ArcGIS software, used heavily in industry, government, and academia. Arc2Earth is closed for business, as of August 2018. are you associated with the website you are offering as an answer? So, yes, it is spheroid. The following are tools that convert shp files to different formats, including txt, dxf, gpx, and km. MyGeodata Converter supports more than 3 000 coordinate systems - including: MyGeodata Note: It will use the name of the KML as the name of the shapefile so make sure your KMLs have the proper naming formats for shapefiles. Shape2Text, Shp2Cad, Shp2GPX, Shp2kml. This would be my first choice. Desktop Windows Applications. Epoint2GE: Excel to Google Earth Kml2Shp 2: Google Earth to GIS Digipoint 2: Points Export from Google Maps Shp2kml 2: Shapefile to Google Earth Epoint2CAD: Excel to AutoCAD Ucons: Units Conversion Tool Color It: Color Your Map KMLToolbox: KML Online Tools Show all... Online Tools. (KMZ is just the zipped version of a kml.) This falls in the category of view, convert, re-project almost any geographic data you can imagine. For properietary applications, Safe Software's FME gives you amazing control over how you map the source information into destination. But it can convert the GPS and shapefile data into KML, shapefiles, or a spreadsheet, amongst other functions.
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