The weight of this saw is 32 pounds that shows how light it is. Power through steel box section, tube, I-beam, plate and more with the Evolution S355CPSL Heavy Duty 14” metal cutting chop saw. They also tend to last longer than chop saws made by other manufacturers. The good thing about its motor is that it allows the replacement of brushes. Sku # 2402404. The blades also last for more than 1,000 uses, so you don’t have to replace them nearly as often as you would a typical chop saw. The 14” carbide-tipped cold saw blade cuts through a surprising variety of metals, even 5” pipe, and 3” solid bar stock. Metal cutting saws also usually have closed housings, as opposed to the open housings more commonly seen in wood-cutting circular saws. Always let freshly cut metal cool down sufficiently before handling it to keep from singeing yourself. They are cheaper than most other cold saws, and their solid build quality makes them ideally suited for simple cutting jobs to more demanding tasks. The workpiece and the blade, therefore, remain relatively cool, which preserves the life of the blade and allows for immediate handling of the workpiece. It has a 14” blade powered by a 15 amp motor, giving you sufficient cutting power for most jobs. However, chop saws can only cut at 90° angles, so they can’t be used to make a variety of angled cuts. Powerful, hi-torque, optimized gearbox. Most people wouldn’t necessarily turn to miter saw when they need to cut metal. The saw is designed with a quality blade that can cut over 1000 cuts before you consider a replacement. Chop saws are expected to handle heavy-duty jobs and cut through some hard materials. The abrasive discs used in chop saws do a good job of cutting through most materials. Shop direct from Evolution Power Tools. That being said an abrasive wheel chop saw has a little more flexibility with cutting thinner metal, using a grinding action rather than a cutting action the blade is less likely to kick back on flexible materials. Buy Evolution Saws at It has a 14” blade powered by a 15 amp motor, giving you sufficient cutting power for most jobs. 4 product ratings - 10 Amp Evolution Chop Saw 7.5 in. ... Evolution R355CPS 230V 355mm Multi-material Chop Saw - 083-0001. Item #1100180. . Evolutions R355CPS is a Multi-Material Cutting Chop Saw that was designed for accuracy, reliability and power. One option is to use a pair of tinsnips or; metal scissors that won’t leave burrs on the metal cut. Evolution's family of sliding compound mitre saws from 7-1/4 in. It has ability to produce 45 degree miter cuts in both of the directions without any trouble. This is why most metal cutting saws have built-in catchers or deflectors that help prevent sparks from flying around. Its cold cutting action allows for quick work, and you get smooth and burr-free edges as well. For serious metalwork, however, or if you have repetitive cuts through a wide variety of metal like steel framing, it is always better to go with a cold saw or a chop saw as you will save a lot of time. DEWALT Chop Saw, Quick-Change, 14-Inch, Old Model (D28715), 2. Free next day delivery available. They can cut steel sheets up to 0.24” thick, and unlike abrasive chop saws, they don’t cause damage to the protective coating of steel sheets. The good this about this blade is that it greatly helps to avoid sparks. Glad to hear this helped you! Evolution Chop Saw 14. You can adjust its cutting fence up to 45 degrees angle with the help of miter adjustment. The blades spin much faster than standard metal cutting saws, so the heat that they produce makes them less suitable for cutting big batches of metal sheets or stock. For miter cuts, this tool is considered as an ideal product. Free next day delivery available. Monitors the number of rotations that the chop saw makes, ensuring consistent performance even under load. Chop saws are especially capable of making straight and precise cuts in a variety of metal materials. Evolution 15" Chop Saw S380 CPS Ideal For: General Purpose Metals, Wood and Masonry - Heavy duty cast aluminum base - Quick release vise with 0° - 45° miter capacity - Chip collection tray - Head lockdown pin & carry handle - Ambidextrous trigger - Attachable v-shape block included - Easy blade change - Integrated tool storage The metal getting cut, therefore, remains relatively cool or in a “cold state.” In contrast, chop saws grind away at the metal, producing considerable amounts of heat while it cuts. The Evolution EVOSAW380 is an absolute beast of a chop saw, pumping out 1800 watts of power. Fein saws are a bit more expensive than DeWalt’s, and most other brands of chop saws for that matter. Plus pay-in-3 instalments with Klarna. Filter by … For DIY and most Trade metalworking, however, the blades used are smaller, with the most common sizes being 12”. Although cheaper than most cold cut saws, DeWalt chop saws provide adequate power and performance for most cutting jobs. Evolution chop saw. The 14” carbide-tipped cold saw blade cuts through a surprising variety of metals, even 5” pipe, and 3” solid bar stock. Find chop saws at Lowe's today. Evolution advanced performance carbide tipped saw blades are designed to the highest specification with a hardened blade body to ensure maximum performance and Product #074-3702-6. The DeWalt DW872 ticks all the boxes when it comes to metal cutting saws. Extensive range of Evolution Mitre Saws at The DeWalt D28730 is a great choice for all-around jobs and mostly heavy-duty metal cutting tasks. All the above mentioned saws are the best dry cut metal chop saw that can provide a great working facility to you so it depends on your needs. Angle grinders can perform many of the same tasks as cold saws and chop saws, provided you fit them with the appropriate cutting disc. It handles these jobs with a constant running speed with no sparks as well, with little need for de-burring afterward. The weight of this chop saw is 55 pounds and the other dimensions of this saw are 24*15.25*18.5 inches. If you want to get more for your money, you can’t do better than the DeWalt D2872 cold saw. PORTER-CABLE Chop Saw, 15-Amp, 14-Inch (PCE700), 6. These discs are typically used for cutting concrete, asphalt, or tile, although they may also be used for cutting ferrous metal. Chop saws and metal cutting miter saws are often lumped together as chop saws. Shop Evolution 14-in 66-Tooth Tungsten Carbide-Tipped Steel Chop Saw Blade in the Circular Saw Blades department at Lowe' The main difference between cold saws and chop saws is that the latter uses toothed steel blades, while the chop saw uses abrasive wheels. Shop All. This is a good product that allows you to have precise and accurate angle cuts with the adjustment of its fence. People who have used this saw, they claim that it is really easy to use even it is more user friendly than a hacksaw. For the sake of safety, spark deflector has been introduced in this product that provides you a clear view of your working area. This is a heavy duty chop saw that is an ideal tool for cutting metals. A 14” model driven by a powerful 15-amp motor, it delivers impressive performance with no risk of overheating. This compact size saw weighs only 13.2 pounds that show how light it is. This feature has been introduced to provide quick cutting facility into the different materials. This product comes with a 15 amp powerful motor that provides great speed for working. 2. The saw has been used and does show slight signs of wear from the odd scratch, however these marks are only cosmetic and do not effect the saws performance and are barely visible. The cutting and grinding action of the wheels produce tiny shards of metal which are typically sharp and hot. Shop chop saws and a variety of tools products online at Evolution S355CPSL: Metal Cutting Chop Saw With 14 in. The build quality of its tools is generally pretty impressive, and they also come with features such as chip trays and blade guards, all of which can be useful for pros and DIYers alike. So the feature of durability remains really high in case of this saw. One blade cuts most materials. You also get built-in overload protection and a 45° pivoting fence that lets you make a variety of angle cuts. Apple Pay accepted in store. Be wise while selecting. Most miter saws have presets for cutting at 30° or 45° or other commonly-used angles. For portable metal-cutting jobs, consider a Makita or Dewalt 20v brushless grinder. If you want to get more for your money, you can’t do better than the DeWalt. Difference between cold saws and chop saws, What sized metal cutting saw for what job, Cold saws vs. Chop saws vs. Chop saws can be quite expensive, but that doesn’t mean you should go for the cheapest model you can find. Check other stores. Don’t be the best builder, be the informed DIY’er, and build on your own goddamn projects. Finally, make sure that no one gets too close while you are working. And although you will have to be changing blades as they wear out, the tool itself is cheaper. Dispatched with Other Courier (3 to 5 days). Cold saws also come in a wider range of RPM speeds and have more tooth options available with their blades. In most cold saws, the blade spins around 1300 RPM. 10-Amp 7.25-in Chop Saw. The 15 amp motor coupled with a high torque gearbox drives a 15” blade that can cut through a variety of steel and metal materials, leaving a smooth and burr-free edge. Facilitates the replacement of carbon brushes in the motor, helping prolong tool life. This shape facilitates an easy gripping and it enhances the control of users over this tool. Cold Saws should have blades fitted that can cut hard metal materials rather than blades made to cut timber. This is an efficient product that comes with multiple cutters and it allows you the cutting of multiple materials like non-ferrous or ferrous metals without any trouble. Fein is known mostly for its quality cold saws, one example of which is the 14” Slugger. Both are highly powerful and can tackle different jobs. Evolution S380CPS – Heavy Duty 15 Inch Metal Cutting Chop Saw W/ 14 Inch Carbide-Tipped Blade | Premium Dry Cut Saw | Miter Saw 45° | The Ultimate Chop Saw For Cutting Metal – Accurate. Please share how this article can be improved? Abrasive chop saw: Most abrasive chop saws are 14- or 15-inch models with similar capacities. Evolution 14" chop saws include a 0° to 45° adjustable vise for miter cutting, with miter detents debossed into the base, and a locking pin to quickly set the desire angle accurately. We also get your email address to automatically create an account for you in our website. You can use chop saws to cut several steel studs at a time. Evolution 355mm 14” Chop Saw 110v . Chop saws are so powerful that they are mostly used by engineers and builders. Like the previous two, this one is not for light-duty jobs. Ideal for cutting steel plate, square tube, angle iron, pipe, tube and metal roofing. The Evolution S355CPS Industrial Chop Saw is ideal for cutting steel plate, square tube, angle iron, pipe and metal roofing. If you frequently have to cut through steel studs or bars, a chop saw can be set up on a workbench to cut metal more easily than by freehand with an angle grinder. Sounds like this can be improved for the next reader. The main drawback of tin snips is that they can only cut one piece at a time. The good thing about this tool is that the head of saw does not swivel. Manage Cookie Preferences We use cookies to give you the best experience of our website. DEWALT Metal Cutting Saw, 14-Inch (DW872), 5. There is a chip deflector that allows the easy removal of chips away from the operator, thus it diminishes the cleaning time of this saw. for an industrial-strength chop saw/cold saw in a convenient DIY-friendly package. Condition is "Used". Reduces power drawn when the chop saw is turned on, preventing it from jerking. DEWALT Chop Saw Old Model (D28715) is a quick change 14 inch chop saw that has been designed to provide excellent performance. When you feel a change in performance, you can change brush for the improvement of the performance. PayPal accepted online. 30 day money back guarantee. The product is backed by a 3-year warranty to ensure peace of mind for the user. Chop saws and metal cutting miter saws are often lumped together as chop saws. The other dimensions of this tool are 16*16*14 inches. Barking. It has an ergonomic “D” handle that reduces hand fatigue, allowing you to work for hours without discomfort. DeWalt and Fein make some of the finest chop saws on the market. Multi-purpose Chop Saw. 99. Keep in mind that cutting metal presents a different set of challenges compared to cutting wood. Shop All. When cutting steel, it leaves an instantly workable finish, producing no heat, no burr and virtually no sparks unlike alternative methods. ... PORTER-CABLE PCE700 14 Inch. Here comes the last Evolution miter saw of this review and that is, the Evolution R185SMS 7-1/4" miter saw. The 14” carbide-tipped blade can cut through even 3” solid metal bars and threaded rods. multi-purpose chop saw reviews over the recent 3 years. DeWalt’s are popular choices due to their durable build quality and their bright yellow design. Unlike circular saws, chop saws only swivel up and down over the workpiece, and otherwise, remain in a stationary position. Specialists in multi-material cutting power tools, blades and accessories. Popular . On many building sites, you will typically see chop saws used for making frames for houses or cutting through steel bars. On the whole, this is a good chop saw if you want to perform medium to heavy duty tasks. The dimensions of this tool are 19*7.75*14.75 inches. for pricing and availability. Last Updated on August 29, 2020 by builder Aaron Barnett. This product offers a blade that is made of tungsten carbide. If you are looking for industrial performance in a reasonably-priced chop saw, the Evolution EVOSAW380 is the only real choice. Always wear safety glasses when working with a chop saw, or better yet, use a full face shield. It doesn’t produce any sparks either, and the blade is good for more than 1,000 cuts before you even have to think about looking for a replacement. Evolution Power Tools 14 inch 15 Amp, Multi-Material Chop Saw R355CPS ... Kinswood 14 inch 15A Power Tools Multi-purpose Cut-off Chop Saw Machine NEW. Only 7 left in stock - order soon. Its lock off button is very handy as it helps to avoid accidental starts. Circular Saw vs Miter saw | When to use what tool? Points To Consider Before Buying Best Dry Cut Metal Chop Saw, 1. £80.00. They can make clean and precise cuts without burrs, so there is usually no need to smoothen out the edges afterward. £172.50. The best chop saws are made by companies such as DeWalt, Fein, Evolution, and Makita. The saw performs well and is capable of cutting wood, metal and plastic. Shipping ADD TO CART. The other dimensions of this tool are 22.69*14*17.06 inches. There are many corded models that are easier to use than the hydraulics powered chop saws. One option is to use a pair of tinsnips or; Most people wouldn’t necessarily turn to.