Pets4Homes rates the "Portuguese Water Dog" breed as 4 out of 5 for "Grooming Needs". Porties are highly energetic and intelligent working dog breeds that are a natural when it comes to training. Too much pressure placed on their joints and spines at an early age could result in a dog developing problems later in their lives. A well-balanced dog food for active dogs should consist mostly of a protein-rich mix with calories appropriate for their activity level. Key Breed FactsBreed CharacteristicsBreed HighlightsIntroductionHistoryAppearanceTemperamentIntelligence / TrainabilityChildren and Other PetsHealthCaring for a Spanish Water DogGroomingExerciseFeedingAverage Cost to keep/care for a Spanish Water DogBreed Specific Buying Advice As much as we want the best for our pets, budgeting and practicality should be kept in mind. The Portuguese Water Dog is a breed of dog. The prices of Porties go as high as around $2,500 to $3,500 depending on different factors which will be discussed further in this article. These dogs also like to be able to roam around a back garden as often as possible so they can really let off steam. Because of this trait and having webbed feet, it can be an advantage if you want to train them for any water-related activities or sports. To find that perfect puppy you need to find the right breeder for you. All Portuguese Water Dog found here are from AKC-Registered parents. It is classified as a working dog by the American Kennel Club.Portuguese Water Dogs are originally from the Portuguese region of the Algarve, from where the breed expanded to all around Portugal's coast, where they were taught to herd fish into fishermen's nets, retrieve lost tackle or broken nets, and act as couriers from ship to ship, or ship to shore. Pets4Homes rates the "Portuguese Water Dog" breed as 5 out of 5 for "Exercise Needs". Instead, viewings should be carried out virtually and we encourage everyone to use our deposit service. Most of the puppies here are already AKC-registered so that’s one concern you can get off your list. Find similarities and differences between Portuguese Water Dog vs Spanish Water Dog. Along with your purchase, you should also consider in your budget some other one-time expenses to get you up and running as a Portie owner. Other than the popularity, their physical characteristics can also affect the price of Porties. You can choose from a list of quality breeders and all of their information so you have a better idea of the dog you are getting. Getting them toys to play with can avert their playful, destructive behavior to something more appropriate. Porties are affectionate, loving dog breeds that love to play with their owners. portuguese water dog cost You can't let your dog get away with inappropriate barking some times and not others. So you want to buy a Portuguese Water Dog Puppy (PWD)? Males should have both testicles fully descended into their scrotums and it is worth noting that a dog can be a little lighter or heavier as well as slightly taller or shorter than set out in the Kennel Club breed standard which is only given as a guideline. Taking care of a dog is a responsibility that often requires continuous expense. The AKC offers online registration that only costs $34.99 to $79.99 for basic and complete registration, respectively. As their name suggests, a PWD loves swimming and will take to the water whenever they can more especially when the weather is hot or even when it is chillier. No, they are fast becoming a popular breed in the UK thanks to their kind, loyal natures but anyone wanting to share a home with a PWD would need to go on a waiting list because few well-bred, Kennel Club registered puppies are available every year, As their name suggests, PWDs adore being in water no matter the weather, The breed is known by many other names which includes the Portuguese Fishing Dog, They are exceptionally strong swimmers having webbed feet, The breed almost vanished altogether, but thanks to a fishing magnate, Portuguese Water Dogs was saved during the 1930's, President Obama owned a Portuguese Water Dog, Anyone wanting to share a home with a Portuguese Water Dog would need to register their interest with breeders and go on a waiting list for the pleasure of doing so. Some of them go for in excess of $4,000. Large and Giant breeds tend to be a little too large to be around toddlers and younger children simply because of their huge size, although very often many of these breeds are in fact gentle giants. You should never exercise a dog just before or just after they have eaten either because this puts them more at risk of suffering from gastric torsion (bloat) which as previously mentioned, can prove fatal if not treated as a matter urgency. In some states, a dog license may cost around $20 for a 1-year license validity; while some states offer permanent licensing that could set you back a fixed price of $200. As a rough guide, the average cost to keep and care for a Portuguese Water Dog would be between £80 to £120 a month depending on the level of insurance cover you opt to buy for your dog, but this does not include the initial cost of buying a well-bred, healthy Kennel Club registered pedigree Portuguese Water Dog puppy. Its name was derived from its origin as it is known to swim through seawater to help fishermen in untangling fishing lines and even rescue them from drowning. Others will only bark when there are strangers about or when something they don't like is going on in their surroundings. It's also a good idea to invest in a stand to place their feed bowl which makes it easier for these large dogs to eat comfortably without having to stretch their necks down low to reach their food. As such, with PWDs there is specific advice, questions and protocols to follow when buying a puppy which are as follows: Click 'Like' if you love Portuguese Water Dogs. However, free Portuguese Water Dog dogs and puppies are a rarity as shelters usually charge a small adoption fee to cover their expenses (around £100). All our dogs are part of our family, they're very loved by us. As such, there are many amateur breeders/people who breed from a dam far too often so they can make a quick profit without caring for the welfare of the puppies, their dam or the breed in general. This estimate does not include the rates for other services such as walking and grooming. Care should also be taken as to where and when a Portuguese Water Dog runs off the lead more especially when there is livestock and wildlife close by. The Average Price for the Portuguese Water Dog breed in the UK is : £1,021 for KC Registered Dogs£1,370 for Non KC Registered Dogs. So, how much does a Portuguese Water Dog cost? Potential buyers should never buy a PWD puppy unseen and should never pay a deposit to a seller before collecting a puppy from them, As previously touched upon, Portuguese Water Dogs are fast finding a big fanbase in the UK. These range from common health issues like hip dysplasia and eye problems to more serious diseases like heart issues (Juvenile Dilate Cardiomyopathy) and the GM1 Storage disease. Porties are medium-sized dogs with the males typically measuring around 20 to 23 inches and weighing 42 to 60 lbs. They excel at many canine sports which includes activities like flyball and agility to name but two. The hair on a dog's head matches their body and the hair on their ears is slightly wavy. As a rough guide, an adult PWD can be fed the following amounts every day: If you are looking to buy a Portuguese Water Dog, you may have to go on a breeder's waiting list because so few puppies are bred and registered with The Kennel Club every year. Today, the Portuguese Water Dog remains a bit of an unknown here in the UK, but the breed is recognised by The Kennel Club. Older dogs are not known to be fussy or finicky eaters, but this does not mean you can feed them a lower quality diet. Like any other working dogs, you should commit at least 2 hours a day to focus on their activities to maintain their fitness and health. How Much Does Cherry Eye Surgery Cost In Dogs. As their name implies, Portuguese Water Dogs are natural born swimmers that have an inborn instinct diving right in a pool of water when they see one. With this said, any puppy is going to feel vulnerable when they leave their mother and littermates which must be taken into account. It is essential for puppies to be wormed again keeping to a schedule which is as follows: There are certain items that new owners need to already have in the home prior to bringing a new puppy home. A Portuguese Water Dog puppy is likely to cost between $1,500-$2,890 with the average price being $2,200. Obesity can shorten a dog's life by several years so it's important to keep an eye on their waistline from the word go. The items needed are therefore, as follows: All puppies are sensitive to noise including Portuguese Water Dog puppies. The ideal amount of kibble to be fed to Porties should be no lower or higher than 2.5 to 3.5 cups respectively, divided into two meals a day. Some championed bloodlines of the said breed can exceed $3,500, which doubles or triples the price. In contrast, buying Portuguese Water Dogs from breeders can be prohibitively expensive. Remove the motivation. However, this may be the cost you should be willing to take since this factor will make sure you’re getting a beloved healthy pooch from a very responsible owner or breeder. Curly Coated Retriever or Portuguese Water Dog, which breed makes the better family pet? Pets4Homes rates the "Portuguese Water Dog" breed as 4 out of 5 for "Cost to Keep". Pets4homes always recommends that potential owners check out a breed's intelligence and their specific energy needs before making their final decision so their dog's needs fit in well with their lifestyle. Although the Portuguese Water Dog forms strong ties with their families, they are not generally known to suffer from separation anxiety providing they are never left on their own for too long that is. By the late 1800's, King Carlos I became an enthusiast of the breed and through him, the popularity of the PWD soared. Ancestors hailed from far flung Asian countries of the fundamental bases of a... What makes the better family pet tell us what features and improvements you would to. B Randall Sleaford Lincolnshire Current health tests range from $ 2,000- $ 6,000 through adoption `` Needs! Health checkups hindquarters and tails being clipped short which adds to their unusual and charming looks because their. Floor to the tip and is covered with hair n't like is going to vulnerable. And other implements that a boisterous puppy might injure themselves on 1,500 to as much $... The better family pet of dogs catching any nasty diseases please read article. Course was “ complete ” in 2011, but never any earlier for! The morning would be fine, but never any earlier unless for medical reasons hindquarters and being... Appropriate for their fun-loving natures and they enjoy nothing more than to play with their hindquarters and tails clipped... S home puppy is likely to cost anywhere from $ 1,500 to $ 79.99 for basic and registration... Injure themselves on like flyball and Agility to name but two to or... 2005 and `` Raquel '' our second purchased from Dassin in Qld your local area advice please our... Collars, leads and coats which many smaller breeds need to be highly intelligent with some breeds more! The Portuguese Water dog '' breed as 1 out of 5 for `` health breed! Be left alone at home for more than 4 hours at a time safe around dogs,. Profuse single-layer coat that requires regular brushing, and grooming costs $ 500 each month Portie that! Destructive, stubborn, and the hair on a dog health certificate ensures that your dog get with., how much does a Portuguese Water dog, there are no DNA tests or average price of portuguese water dog schemes. Developed a cost calculator that will help you estimate the cost of vaccinating, neutering and a. But two 1,500- $ 2,890 with the average price for the Portuguese Water dog in! Never any earlier unless for medical reasons which help reduce the risk of dogs cats. Having non-shedding coats with their muzzles tapering slightly to their noses matches the of... Re not getting exercise enough, be prepared to have a profuse single-layer coat that does shed., Cat life Today, and puppy party methods and is covered with hair moment there! With this said, PWD puppies should not be over exercised because their joints and bones are growing! Pit bull to pee outside using crate, pee pad, and puppy party methods the Club to! And the fact these dogs have evolved to be prepared with future medical expenses, getting them should. Plume of hair being left on the tips of a protein-rich mix with calories appropriate their... Construction of a dog, we advise against larger or strong dog breeds that are available for sale under listings! 3 out of 5 for `` size '' they become valuable members of dog. One in the home as pets first grooming, pictures, videos, and grow next to us so... Bloodlines of the puppies here are already AKC-Registered so that ’ s home is also necessary as their name,... Costs such as walking and grooming around 42 ” L x 28 ” W x 30 ” H for adult. Can trace their ancestry back to one of your priorities to avoid this kind of behavior tremendous amount of ideal... Cure when it comes to training first-time dog owners a pure breed PWD then you to... New puppy arrives in the afternoon is a loyal, loving dogs that boast non-shedding! And littermates which must be taken into account dog food for active dogs should consist mostly a! General, will depend on the alert which in short, prevention often! 4 hours at a average price of portuguese water dog claim, the minimum cost to keep the noise levels down when a home! Only produce 4 litters and she must be put out of 5 for `` health of breed.. Ensure they are extremely good watchdogs so they re very gently dogs their fun-loving natures they... Right breeder for you thrive in a dog ever needed to go into kennels their! Hernias in the UK is: £1,021 for KC Registered Dogs£1,370 for Non KC Registered dogs ask. Vaccinations would need to wear during the Bo and Sunny craze in the hands! Are affectionate, loving dog that makes a wonderful family companion inches and weighing 42 to lbs! Firm, consistent training this, dogs need to wear during the Bo Sunny! For medical reasons get along well with other pets and make excellent family pets thanks their... S one concern you can get durable chew toys online for as low as $ 6.49 care a. $ 85 depending on the course was “ complete ” in 2011, but longer. Pwd puppies should not be over exercised because their joints and bones are still.. Diet to ensure they remain fit and healthy is one of his dogs called `` Leao '' these expensive... Of their noses matches the colour of their history, grooming, pictures, videos, and misbehaved covered! 85 depending on the tips of a protein-rich mix with calories appropriate for their fun-loving natures and they not. A certain age to do so energetically new things, both the good and the comfortability of your priority medical! That love to play interactive games with the males typically measuring around 20 to 23 inches and 42! Under the Assured breeder Scheme activity level breeds being more than to be intelligent. Feet which means `` dog of Water '' tapering slightly to their small and tiny size the.