Gardenias need at least 1 inch of rain (or equivalent watering) each week. Common names: Gardenia or Cape Jasmine. Needs warm spot. By browsing this website, you agree to our use of cookies. Germination time 1-6months. They grow outside only in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 to 11, which range across the South and the Pacific Coast. White Gardenia Gardenia thunbergia. In the landscape, these vines make beautiful plantings for trellises, arbors, fences or other structures. Gardenia thunbergia Tree gardenia, medium shrub, quite hardy in Melbourne. The vines climb up the nearest support, providing vertical color and natural screening. Gardenias prefer an acidic soil so, if necessary, treat with Yates Soil Acidifier Liquid Sulfur to lower pH. They open from elegantly furled creamy-green buds. Plant thunbergia seedlings outdoors after all frost danger passes, or start your own seeds indoors six weeks before the last expected frost. Keep roots cool with a thick layer of mulch. Space the plants 12 inches apart. Thunbergia is a family of tender perennial flowering shrubs and climbing vines. Indigenous. Take semi-hardwood cuttings and dip in rooting hormone powder. ), Umvalasangweni, Umkhwakhwane. Gardenia thunbergia, one of only six species from South Africa, commemorates the Swedish physician and botanist, Carl Peter Thunberg (1743-1828), who spent many years studying the botany of the Cape, eventually producing his enormous Flora of the Cape. Be the first to review this product. Gardenia thunbergia (Rubiaceae) Gardenia Tree A very un-gardenia like gardenia. Back to Previous Page. When growing in containers or hanging baskets you may need to water as often every other day during the peak heat of summer to maintain the soil moisture. Use a container with a trellis attached or grow the vines in hanging baskets and allow them to trail over the sides. Life Cycle: Half hardy annual.Half hardy perennial. van Wyk). Semi Frost Hardy – Is Able to Survive Moderately Low Temperatures. Tons of creative content coming your way! How to propagate Wild Gardenia Seed. African gardenia care should include feeding with liquid plant food at every watering from spring through late summer. 8a-11b. Pests rarely affect outdoor-grown thunbergia. zabelli (Tatarian honeysuckle), Viola species (Heartsease, Pansy, Violet), Camellia sasanqua (Christmas, Yuletide camellia). Flowers: Summer and autumn. Low Watering – Requires Little Water. (J.E. An unusual, slow-growing shrub or small tree bearing heavily scented, saucer-shaped white flowers in summer. Victor and A.E. Although gardenias can tolerate dry conditions, you should be watering them weekly, and even more in extreme heat. Gardenia thunbergia White Gardenia Wild Gardenia Forest Gardenia Wit Katjiepiering (A) Wilde Katjiepiering (A) Buffelsbal (A) Kannetjieboom (A) Stompdoring (A) umValasanweni (Z) umKhangazi (X) Description One of the most widely cultivated of the Gardenia’s, this species normally grows as a small, stout tree or large shrub, with a typically spreading, multi-branched, robust shape and angular The flowers are large, showy, creamy white and heavily perfumed, particularly at night. Seed Availability. It is possible. Use the eraser end of a pencil to set the seeds into the growing media but avoid burying the seeds. Low Watering. Also known as. Keep the seeds moist and out of direct sunlight. Gardenia thunbergia is easy to grow, although it is slow-growing. Pinch off the tip of the vines and stems to control their height and spread. Sheds Part of Its Foliage During Winter/Autumn. Size: 2 m * 1 m. they also make great vining plants for hanging baskets. Botanical name: The most popular cultivated species is Gardenia jasminoides (also called G. augusta or G. grandiflora).. Thunbergia Growing and Care Guide. Write Your Own Review. Gardenia thunbergia. Compost replenishes nutrients in the soil. Two-inch flowers are orange-yellow with dark centers, set atop a backdrop of light green leaves. Work the compost into the top 8 inches of soil. But be careful to bring it in any night when the temperature falls below that minimum and as soon as fall makes its appearan… Seeds are now available at our seed store. EVERYTHING and ANYTHING about plants and gardening in South Africa. Prootect root system with a mulch of lucerne hay, compost or well-rotted wood chip. Plant the seedlings at the same depth they were growing at previously. The plants require less irrigation during rainy weather, and they may require twice weekly irrigation during times of dry, hot weather. Don't let the soil dry out and don't over-water your Gardenias or the flower buds will not open and may even drop off.
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