How many countries does the true Arctic Circle pass through? Asia is the only continent that extends from the equator to the Arctic Circle. The Arctic Circle outlined on the map in yellow is the region surrounding the North Pole. The Arctic Circle passes through seven countries that have a considerable portion of land within the Arctic Circle. The area north of the Circle is about 20,000,000 km 2 (7,700,000 sq mi) and covers roughly 4% of Earth's surface.. 6 3. Asia is the world’s biggest continent by both area and population. There are seven countries with territory north of the Arctic Circle: * Canada * USA * Greenland * Norway * Sweden * Finland * Russia This online quiz is called Countries That the Arctic Circle Passes Through geography, countries, arctic circle Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, the United States (Alaska), Canada, Denmark (Greenland), and Iceland are the 8 countries containing land in the Arctic Circle. There are seven countries in the Arctic Circle: Canada, Finland, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Russia and Alaska (USA). About 30% of the planet’s total land area and 8.7% of the total surface area is covered by this continent. Grímsey is inhabited and according to Statistics Iceland, 86 souls lived there as of January 1, 2013. 13 Step 2 : Answer to the question "How many countries' territory does the Arctic Circle pass through?" The 60th parallel north is a circle of latitude that is 60 degrees north of Earth's equator.It crosses Europe, Asia, the Pacific Ocean, North America, and the Atlantic Ocean.. The Arctic Circle is roughly 16,000 km (9,900 mi) long. Reykjavík, the capital, lies at 64°9, in southwest Iceland, on the Although it lies approximately twice as far away from the Equator as from the North Pole, the 60th parallel is half as long as the Equator line.This is where the Earth bulges halfway as much as on the Equator. Artic Circle (Sic) in Alaska is currently under threat of oil exploitation by the administration of the United States Government. Step 1 : Introduction to the question "How many countries' territory does the Arctic Circle pass through?"...1. The Arctic Circle does however pass through Grímsey island, which lies 40 kilometres (25 mi) off the north coast of Iceland. 8 2. The Arctic Circle passes through Northern America, Greenland, North Asia, the Scandinavian Peninsula, and the Arctic Ocean. 4 4. The mainland of Iceland is just a few degrees south of the Arctic Circle (66°30'N). 8: Please let us know as comment, if the answer is not correct!
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